Korean Mask Making

Korean Mask Making
The mask I made while at the GEPIK teachers training. I left it on the bus though, never to be seen again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yogurt Making!

So, the only un-sweeted yogurt I have been able to find is at Costco. Its really good, BUT it comes with way too many for us to eat before the expiration date (well, I take that back. Ayax would eat them all in one day if I let him), but since we don't go to Costco very often, I was looking for an alternative.

Homemade yogurt it is!! I tried it over the weekend, and ba-bam! It worked great!
Here is what I did:

- Boil the container, spoon, and lid to sterilize it. I am not sure this is necessary.
- Heat however much milk you want (that's how much yogurt you will have) until it's almost boiling, but don't let it boil. It will get "frothy"
- Cool the jar and milk; the milk should be cooled to "baby bottle temperature" (drop it on your wrist)
- Put the milk in the jar, and add two tablespoons of un-sweetend yogurt (to 1 liter milk).
- Stir it, put the lid on.
- THEN, you have to keep it snuggily warm (baby-bottle temperature) for 8 hours. I did this by filling a chepie-styrofoam cooler (like the ones they give you when you buy fish here or get an ice cream cake) and filled it with luke-warm water (90-110 degrees is ideal, too hot will kill it).
- Put the lid on and leave it alone for 4 hours. Try not to move it around.
- After 4 hours, check the water- it should still be snuggily warm, try the yogurt. It should be nice and thick at this point. If its yummy to you, you're done!
- If you want it more sour, put new warm water in the cooler, put the container back in it, put the lid on and leave it for another 4 hours.
- It should be done by then! The longer you leave it, the more sour it will get.

-Stir, put in the fridge, and ENJOY! Use as a subsitute for sour cream, cream in cooking, etc. YUMMMY!

Here is a slide show of my yogurt making experience!

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